Services from Huneke Associates

Mechanical repairs often include a number of trades. At Huneke we often diagnose the problem with vibration analysis. We then work with the customers available downtime. If a unit should fail we can make replacement parts in our machine shop, install same and balance or laser align as required.

Many HVAC contactors use Huneke for their cooling tower repairs or large fans, gear boxes, and pump rebuilds. Even Baltimore Air Coil uses us for repairs and retro-fits of their cooling towers. Our reputation for excellance is recognized throughout the Delaware Valley area.

Emergency Repairs. At Huneke Associates we understand that your mechanical problems never happen at a convenient time. That’s why we offer 24 hour emergency service. Our dedicated union technicians are happy to go that extra mile…anytime of day, or night. That’s the Huneke pledge to our customers.

Skills such as but not limited to rigging, balancing, laser alignment, cooling tower repairs and machining replacement parts are all done “in-house”. Bearings, shafts, couplings, fans and pumps are all services our technicians provide better than anyone else.

Huneke Pride

We pride ourselves in being the “go to” company in our area when it comes to getting the job done correctly, quickly and safely. We do it right the first time because we know there’s seldom time to do it again.