About Huneke Associates

Huneke Associates has been solving mechanical problems since 1986. A privately held woman owned small business, we are dedicated to providing quality, cost effective solutions to machinery maintenance.

At Huneke, we address your mechanical problems as if they were our own. We use diagnostic instruments, when applicable, to determine exactly what the problem is so we can propose the most cost effective corrective measures. Our skilled technicians are all trained in vibration analysis, balancing and laser alignment along with being dedicated journeymen millwrights.

Our 8000 sq. ft. office and machine shop is located in Philadelphia, PA. Emergency repairs are made to shafts, pumps and gears on an assortment of lathes, milling machines, presses and keyseaters. We gear ourselves to the needs of HVAC contractors, hospitals, power generators and manufacturers where downtime is often limited at best. We work hard to minimize the sometimes catastrophic effect of machinery failure by analysing, forecasting, attaining replacement materials and planning/scheduling repairs.

I would like to take this time to thank you and your staff for your services in our hour of need.

From top to bottom (Huneke Associates) professionalism is far better than anyone else.